Marketing - How to do it legally correct

German and European marketing and advertising law, German and European law regarding unfair practices and unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices

Free ebook "Marketing - How to do it legally correct" by attorney at law and specialist intellectual property lawyer (Rechtsanwalt und Fachanwalt fuer gewerblichen Rechtsschutz) Thomas Seifried. It covers German and European law, especially European law on unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices.

The ebook is a brief guide giving an overview of popular legal pitfalls when developing and implementing advertisement campaigns. It shall generate a sensibility referring to the following questions:

  • Which material can one use for an advertising campaign?
  • Which advertising methods, advertising messages, or behavior are potentially dangerous?
  • Which specialities exist referring to particular forms of advertising and
  • when advertising is meant to be for consumers?

This Ebook "Marketing - how to do it legally correct - (considering German and European Law) was adjusted to applicable law. The edition implies questions
of law referring to Keyword-Advertising (Google Adwords) and the search engine
optimization - SEO. Further it deals with advertising with matter of course and the newest important jurisdiction dealing with telesales activities and email advertisement aimed at existing customers.

Author: Thomas Seifried, Fachanwalt fuer gewerblichen Rechtsschutz (Lawyer and certified intellectual property right lawyer/specialist IP-lawyer)

Free download "Marketing - How to do it legally correct"

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Free download "Marketing - How to do it legally correct"