Free e-book on the protection and defense of textile designs

Free download: e-book "Protection and defense of textile designs"

"Never leave well enough alone" was the title of a book from 1953 by Raymond Loewy. "Best" sells better.

Taking in this meaning, that one shall never settle for something that is not the "cream of the crop", appealingand innovative design are of vital importanceand a competitive advantagewhen talking about textiles and clothes. But, where a good design increases the turnover, plagiarism is not far. To copy is much less expensive than to invent an own design, then the copy becomes a competitive disadvantage for the original designer. So how can the designer protect his textile designs and models from being copied?

"Protection and defense of textile designs” by the German attorney at law Thomas Seifried contains general principles of German and European design right and gives answers to the following questions:

  • How does an unregistered Community design arise and in which way does it differ from the registered German design and the registered Community
  • Is there copyright protection for textile designs?
  • Can designs be registered as a trademark?

Many colored illustrations complete the recent case law examples.

Author: Thomas Seifried, Rechtsanwalt (lawyer) and certified lawyer for intellectual property (certified specialist for IP law)

Free download “Protection and defense of textile designs” here!

German version: "Textile Designs schützen und verteidigen

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Free download "Protection and defense of textile designs"